Room for Patience

Military moves are nothing if not interesting.  Frantic pets.  Rambunctious children.  Eagle-eyed adults who, despite their best efforts, still end up with a dirty litter box on the moving truck.

No matter your family make-up, living the military lifestyle is something one adapts to.  While that lifestyle may look different from one family to the next, there are still several factors they all have in common.

It is learned that cross-country moves are not cause to put life on hold.  Instead there is planning and research that allow for future career, volunteer, or academic endeavors to be seamlessly pursued from one PCS to another.  Thankfully, PCSing also grants the opportunity to start anew, and perhaps slow down for a time.

Personal touches hold dual purpose of memory-keeping and beautifying even the most outdated of base housing.  The idea of home becomes less dependent on the house or the things in it, but more about the lives of the people who occupy it.

Creating and keeping traditions–both for one’s self and the family–becomes ever more important when the promise of deployment hangs over everyone’s heads.

All of the aforementioned may sound persevering and heartwarming.  And it is.  Alas, familial bonding and being active in the community does not happen overnight.  Nor does such strength and bliss seem apparent all the time.  Like anything else worth having in life, it requires all the internal energy a person has.  Communication, empathy, understanding, creativity, flexibility, and perhaps the toughest of all…  Patience.

At the end of the day, the military family finds itself handling the same everyday grind, garnished with a little something more.  It requires service members to leave their loved ones for months at a time, sometimes with little to no notice.  It teaches spouses to confirm that all the paperwork–bills, power of attorney, orders, the wills–are kept safe and current.  It keeps children wondering how easy it will be at the next base to make new friends.

Being a military wife, these are circumstances I have signed on for.  From the beginning, the ups and downs have not always been clear to me, but I am choosing to embrace it as we go along.  As a wife, mother, and journalist, I’ll be using this blog as an outlet to further delve into and explore what military life has to offer.

With no decisive end to our military life in sight, I am choosing to embrace and explore, in doing so leaving certain aspects of my once-rigid life plan aside.  While it may not always be easy, it has always been worth it, and I refuse to believe that this whimsical, somewhat transient life has to be that hard.

That is why regardless of where the military decides to plant us, it is always best to make room for patience.


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