Out On A Limb

Recently as I sat in on a key spouse meeting, I was told to be at the ready to help out a woman whose husband is deployed.  At the moment she is on our squadron’s do not contact list, but  recently found herself calling one of our colonels to help get her to the emergency room.  Much to our relief, she is going to be okay.
In instances like these I’m so thankful to be part of a squadron that is tight knit enough that people can feel comfortable enough to approach at least one person in their times of need.  Still, I’m left wondering what made this woman decide to put herself on the do not contact list in the first place.
Has she had negative experience with a prior squadron?  With our squadron?  Is she shy, or feel that she is better off going it alone, instead of bothering someone?
Whatever her reasoning, I can only hope that in time she’ll consider accepting the invite to be cared for by others within the squadron. We may not all come here knowing one another, but this is a world wherein the help of a previously unknown face can be what gets us through the day.
Choosing military life can set one up for a lonely experience.  There is little to no room for reclusiveness if we are to thrive under our unique circumstances.  Sometimes the only thing keeping us from being truly friendless is our willingness to let others in, even when every internal fiber wants nothing more than to resist an offer for help, or to turn down that slightly awkward invite for coffee.
Keep in mind that that slightly awkward invite for coffee stemmed from someone putting herself out there.
Do yourself a favor, and take it.  Take a chance to move past your comfort zone, and the most you lose is an hour or two of your time.
What you have to gain is substantially more.

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