Well.  Christmas has passed, the tree is down, and the snow never really came.  It’s safe to assume that I’ve been frequenting my phone’s Christmas countdown app more than usual.
Five days into this new year, and I find myself feeling less fickle in my interests, more confident in my priorities, and moving in directions I once believed to be dormant in my mind.  Not wanting to over-credit the turning of a new year, I have to admit that these things have been solidifying in me for the past year or so.  Perhaps longer…
Dare I suggest, that while this site is still in its infancy, that Room for Patience may no longer be a military blog.  To be clear, I love writing, and I love this military life we lead.  Unfortunately, instead of posting anything of real merit, I find myself over-thinking possible content, only to be left uninterested and without a timely post.
Days move quicker, and weeks segue into months even faster.  Time is not something I’ll allow to be monopolized by things that mean little or nothing to me.  While embracing our Air Force life and volunteering within it remain important to me, writing a military blog is proving both boring and inconvenient.
Considering, however, that writing is simply innate with me to the point that I need to do it, I’ll be continuing forward with this blog.  From this point on, Room for Patience (that name, I think I’ll keep…) will be geared toward my faith life.
Since making the decision to be baptized when I was 16, much of my time has been spent thinking of and pursuing God.  Not always evident through my actions, my voracious interest in literary things religious has never waned.  Having spent years looking for where God wanted me to be, I spent more time inside books and outside of church, trying to go it alone.
Lately I’ve grown tired of keeping areas of my life separate.  In seeking God both on an academic and personal, relationship-based level, life has somehow become sweeter than ever.  The times I run to prayer find me a better mother to my kids, more astute to any sort of work in front of me, and more perseverant toward the busy and somewhat daunting future in front of me.
I’m doubtful that this blog will ever turn into some sort of online ministry, but should more or less chronicle any medium that finds me exercising my faith.  For once, I’ll be looking at blogging not as a means to any sort of end, but as a project.  Working out my faith in public, per se.
Anyways, ending on that note…  I was randomly flipping through an old Bible the other day, and found this:

2 Samuel 14:14.
All of us must die eventually.  Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be fathered up again.  That is why God tries to bring us back when we have been separated from Him.  He does not sweep away those He cares about–and neither should you!


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