What does that even mean?

Living intentionally.  Being purposeful.
These are some of the phrases I kept running into when I first began perusing Christian blogs.  Interesting reading, sure, but phrases like these usually caused me to dismiss the author’s credibility for speaking Christiansese.
Snotty of me?  Yeah.  Probably.
I wasn’t on the search for religious fads and phases.  I wanted to read from someone with authentic faith and words.
And then it happened.  I began to hear those faddish and cliche words.
In my head!
See, the reason I had been making the rounds on Christian blogs in the first place, was in part a revival of my need and desire for God in my life.  Wanting to go further with Him.  To keep Him there with me all the time, and do what He would want me to do.
I started going back to church.  Night time found me cracking open my Bible, and before I knew it, I was reaching for certain verses throughout my day.
Before long I was looking for the areas of my life where I could work on being more intentional in my devotion to family and God.  Searching for the subtle, unhealthy habits and behaviors that were keeping me from being the kind of Christian I wanted to be.  Making sure each deliberate action had a purpose.
My days of judging the use of Christianese are over.  As it turns out, using it is one of the few accidental things there are about pursuing God.  Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before speaking such phrases becomes intentional.

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