Talking about Christ

I was in high school the last time I blatantly tried to reach out to a hurting loved one with Scripture.  In the middle of my new-found zeal for Christ, I would leave decorated Post-It notes, or cards with relevant verses for my loved one to find.  I figured, “Hey, this is what would comfort me.  So I’ll do it for you.”
What I received back was nothing short of confusing anger, coupled with the demand to just knock it off already.
Bewilderment was the word, indeed.
A little more than ten years later, and it’s only recently that I’ve come to see why my loved one may have been so very upset with me.
She thought I was preaching at her.  To her, this was me saying that she was miserable because she was possibly doing something wrong, and that the Bible may be able to fix her.  While there may have been other accusations or assumptions made about my intentions, this is the conclusion that seems most plausible to the situation.
In my previous post, I wrote about not knowing how it is I should be approaching loved ones struggling without Christ in their lives.  How am I suppose to tell them, “Good news, guys!  He’s right here!  And He just wants to love you, and be loved in return!!!”
Just…  How?!

Thankfully, God is pretty good with His timing, and getting us in the right place.  Wednesday morning found me sitting down at my computer, perusing my blogroll; these thoughts still strongly pressed in my head.
Eventually, I happened upon Jennifer’s post, Gracious Evangelism.  In it, Jennifer writes about her struggle with witnessing to people, and even hooked her readers up with a video, featuring Jonalyn and Dale Fincher–a hip, married couple who thrive off of Christ and spreading His Love for everyone to hear.
The Finchers shared their stories of meeting people where they are in life, loving them for the human beings they are, and the importance of stepping into their shoes.
Some of my favorites things they shared…
Allow others to remain unconvinced.
I want them to choose Jesus.We want them to bring everyhing they’ve got: Their minds, their emotions, their wills, their bodies.  I don’t want anybody to be convinced by some flimsy argument that I have, and I don’t wan them to just pray a prayer because I’m asking them to.  I want them to choose Jesus because that’s what they really want.
We don’t need to inform people.  We need to do better loving them.
Perhaps my favorite part involved Jonalyn sharing about her time abroad, two girlfriends she made there, and where those two friendships are today.
Regardless of how comfortable you are with sharing your faith with others, I would definitely recommend watching their video.  The message goes far beyond witnessing.  Breaking it up into pieces suited my schedule just fine, and it was interesting enough that I kept finding pockets of time to return to it throughout the day.